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Water Main Replacement

Your weeping tile or foundation drainage is one of the most important parts of a home’s exterior — here’s why that is.

Water Main Replacement

What is Foundation Drainage?

As its name would suggest, foundation drainage is, loosely defined, a way to divert water away from your home’s foundation. Even if your home is built with a waterproof foundation, and even if you live in a dry environment — even if you live at the top of a hill in a dry environment, for that matter — weeping tiles are incredibly important in preventing flooding.

Problems Related to Damaged or Clogged Foundation Damage

If it seems that keeping it up with foundation drainage seems like a lot of work, you’re not wrong. However, this work does pale in comparison to the possible problems that can arise from a foundation drainage system that is not doing its job properly. These issues include:

  • Moisture and mould in the basement
  • A sudden increase of insects in the basement area
  • Cracked walls and cracked floors
  • Uneven floors or doors
  • An uneven chimney
  • The accumulation of water underneath the house

Proper Foundation Drainage Maintenance

The good news is that you don’t have to maintain your drainage yourself. The Lux Plumbing team is educated on how to perform proper drainage maintenance. Our trained professionals can take a look at your home and determine the best maintenance plan and surveillance intervals to make sure that you never end up with surprise water in your home.


If your lawn is always soggy, you may have an issue with your underground water line. The main water line is usually located underground and connects to the city and is the source of where you get fresh water from your city or community.

Water lines can fail when there is ground movement from frost or simply from old age. When a water line repair is needed, your lawn will become soggy as freshwater is continuously flowing underground. It is vital that you contact a licensed plumber who has a city line shut-off valve so that they can stop this water preventing further damage to sidewalks or your building foundation.

Lux Plumbing & Drainage has helped many homeowners repair their water main across Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. We have the right equipment to dig out the old water line and replace it with a new one, connecting the City main to your home.

Another reason for a soggy lawn could be poor drainage or a drain tile failure. Drain tiles are perforated pipes that are typically 4” wide and collect standing water around your building. When these pipes fail because of older drain tiles in Vancouver they cause clogging which will prevent water from exiting into the city pipes causing a soggy lawn. In many situations, a drain tile could be damaged by roots from a plant or tree.

Lux Plumbing has the right tools to inspect the cause of the damage and the location of the clogged drain making it more affordable and efficient for us to repair with minimal damage to your property.

Water Main Replacement
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