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Sewer & Drain Services

Drain Tile Repairs & Installation

While many drain tile repairs take place in older homes, there are still many reasons why homeowners with newer homes may seek one out. Sometimes clients of ours who have problems with water in their basement end up having problems with their drain tile. It is not unusual for drain tiles to become clogged or even broken, which can lead to water issues. Unlike common sink clogs, drain tile clogs can be quite complicated and will require the intervention of a professional.
Drain Tile & Sewer Inspection

The most accurate way to inspect a drain or sewer is through camera technology. Lux Plumbing makes use of CCTV technology, the gold standard of accuracy in the plumbing industry. To take this one step further we even make use of top-of-the-line Ridgid tool technology.
Foundation Drainage & Repairs

A crack in a home’s foundation can be a serious matter. Whether you have purchased a home and discovered that it has a crack in the foundation or you have discovered a new crack in your home, you will need the help of a professional to mitigate a disaster. At Lux Plumbing our employees are foundation experts that can help mend the cracks that are wreaking havoc in your life.

Like pipes, water mains also age over time and are in need of repairs every now and then. If you are experiencing lower than ideal water pressure, you may have a water main issue. Water main issues can be complicated to rectify, but it’s nothing that the professionals that Lux Plumbing haven’t seen before. We use trenchless directional drilling technology entrench methods to ensure that we offer repairs and installations at minimal inconvenience to you.
Sewer Line Installation & Repairs

Well some sewer line issues fall into the jurisdiction of your local government, there are certainly cases where the replacement or repair of a problem sewer will fall on to the homeowner. In these cases, Lux Plumbing is here to help you. Our professionals are experienced in sewer line installation and repairs and can help prevent or clean up serious sewer issues.
Sump Pumps & Sewage Pumps

Many homes in Canada rely on a sub pump or a sewage pump — and these homeowners know that maintaining these pumps is very important overall. Lux Plumbing can provide both maintenance and routine inspections for your storm sub pump systems as well as your sanitary sewage sump pump systems.

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