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Hydrojetting & Flushing

Most homeowners are familiar with the sensation of a clogged sink drain or a clogged bathtub. However, did you know that the larger pipes of our home are also susceptible to blockage? The challenge is that, because we don't always have a view of the pipes, it can be difficult to know when and how to clean them. That is what the professionals at Lux Plumbing are for.

Hydrojetting & Flushing

What is Pressure Jetting?

Pressure jetting is the process of cleaning pipes out with very high water pressure. Over the years, the pipes in our homes are put through a lot. Everyday household substances such as shampoo, soap, dish soap, grease, and more can accumulate in our pipes which can result in clogs. These clogs can be very hard to clear — that is, at least through conventional methods. The good news is that even the most severe of clogs are not a match for hydro-flushing or pressure jetting systems.

Why Invest in Hydro Jetting?

In some cases, if you are experiencing a severe clog or blockage you will not have any choice but to invest in pressure cleaning. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By investing in regular maintenance for pipes and regular hydro jetting you are saving yourself from the possibility of expensive clogs. You are also saving yourself from the possibility of running into an emergency situation where a clogged pipe has led to you being unable to use the water in your home.

Hydro Jetting Services in Greater Vancouver

Hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly and virtually risk-free service. However, due to the use of large equipment, it is not practical to undertake pressure jet cleaning yourself. Fortunately, the professionals at Lux Plumbing are well trained on how to use a pressure jetting system and would be happy to help you get your pipes back in working order.

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