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Richmond is a suburb of Vancouver, as well as a city in its own right. Not only is it home to Vancouver’s international airport, YVR, but it is also home to nearly 200,000 residents. Richmond itself is a city of islands, and the fact that it is so close to the sea is reflected in the community’s laid back culture. Aside from being a residential community, Richmond is also an economic center for the region and is the destination for many commuters in the Vancouver area. The city is also home to a large number of retail businesses and shopping areas.


Quality and professional plumbing and drainage service you can count on. We have plumbers available for emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your plumbing and drainage needs. We are happy to be serving customers from Vancouver to Langley and every city in-between.

Professional Richmond Plumbers

Whether your home runs on a boiler or a furnace, Lux Plumbing can help keep you warm and toasty by ensuring that your heating system is in good working order.
As a conscientious homeowner in Richmond, BC, you certainly take good care of your plumbing because it is an essential system that contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. In addition to taking care of it with your own cleaning and basic maintenance methods, there is a wide range of services for which you need qualified Richmond plumbers.

At Lux Plumbing & Drainage, we are committed to delivering excellent service to our local customers in Richmond and nearby areas. From toilet repairs to kitchen sink installation, our expert Richmond plumbers bring many years of experience in providing efficient plumbing services. To learn more about our wide range of Richmond plumbing services, give us a call at 604-700-1751 and speak with one of our expert technicians.

Why Hire A Richmond Plumber From Lux Plumbing?

Your licensed technicians at Lux Plumbing & Drainage have been serving the locals of Metro Vancouver for many years, bringing an average of 15 years of experience in efficient plumbing maintenance, repairs, and installations.

As your professional Richmond plumber, we pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship that guarantees customer satisfaction. Knowing that you and your family are safe is our highest priority. For that reason, we are one of the few emergency plumbers that you can fully rely on day and night. Whether you have a backed-up toilet or a collapsed sewer line, our 24/7 Richmond plumbing emergency service is available for when you need it.

Our professional Richmond plumbers bring the skill, experience, and knowledge to provide you with a rapid diagnosis so that any emergency repairs will quickly get your life back to normal. 

Your Richmond Plumber For Expert Plumbing and Drain Services

A sewer video inspection system being used by a Richmond plumber to inspect the sewage line of a home through an exterior access point in the ground.

From defective plumbing fixtures to drain issues, our expert plumbers in Richmond, BC are pros in all things plumbing, including kitchen sink repairs, faucet repairs, underground pipe repairs, and much more.

Common Drainage Issues We Fix:

Every household will eventually have to deal with clogged drains, whether it’s due to bad household habits or naturally occurring incidents such as tree root intrusion, heavy rainfall or shifting earth. Our team will solve all kinds of problems related to blocked or damaged drains, including: 

  • Clogged sink
  • Clogged toilets
  • Slow drains
  • Backed-up floor drains
  • Sewer gas smells
  • Clogs in washing machine or dishwasher hoses
  • Sewer line clog
  • Clogged foundation drains
  • Improper installations

Isolated clogs don’t always signal a big problem, unless they start to affect nearby fixtures as well. You may use the plunger to unclog your toilet, but if the problem persists and even affects your bathtub drain, you should call your local Richmond plumber for a more detailed investigation. They’ll use their sewer video inspection device to check for any underlying issues that you need to address. In the best-case scenario, all you need is regular maintenance, such as drain cleaning services from a certified plumber in Richmond, BC.

Leaky Pipe Services

Often, when you’re dealing with poor drainage systems, you could be experiencing a hard-to-detect water leak behind your walls or underground. Busted water lines can occur when you have frozen pipes in unheated areas where they haven’t been winterized too.

But a clog in your sewer line can also create huge stress on your pipe and lead to small cracks in the joint areas. Any water that leaks into the soil will attract tree roots to grow towards them. But you may not know until they invade your sewer pipe and trigger a major clog. Slow drains, recurring clogs, and even a sewer backup could occur. With the help of a skilled plumber, Richmond, BC homeowners will get fast results from our leak detection service, during which we’ll use acoustic listening devices and thermal imaging equipment to find and fix your leaks.

What Else Can A Richmond Plumber Help Me With?

There is a lot more to our professional plumbing and drain services, so count on your expert plumber in Richmond, BC to also handle the following:

  • Water main replacement
  • Sewer line repair
  • Sump pumps
  • Foundation drainage
  • Basement flood mitigation
  • Drain tile repair
  • And much more!

Our local Richmond plumbers hope to inspire you to take preventative precautions that will protect your family and your home. We offer a wide range of protective services to make sure your pipework remains in working order. This way, you won’t have to worry about potential pipe bursts or flooding.   

Richmond Plumbing Installations

A kitchen sink with a new faucet spout shooting out water after installation has been completed by a plumber in Richmond, BC.

Our Richmond plumbing services will also help ensure that your plumbing system is up-to-date and fully functional with new installations and replacement fixtures. While plumbing installations are always helpful for those undergoing major building and remodeling projects, they can also be useful for anyone with older, malfunctioning plumbing fixtures. While repairs may be an option, it’s not always the best idea if you’ve already received multiple repair services. In those cases, installing something new will often be more cost-effective.

For example, before considering getting repairs for an older water heater, consider its age. Is it nearing its life expectancy? Could other parts possibly start to fail? If your energy bills have gone up and your water heater is no longer working as efficiently as it used to, your Richmond plumber highly recommends a new installation.

With an experienced, licensed plumber, Richmond, BC homeowners will get peace of mind knowing that someone cares about their home’s plumbing systems. We’ll help you weigh out the pros and cons before you decide on investing in any new plumbing installations.

Get A Dependable Richmond Plumber Today!

Need urgent plumbing repairs or preventative maintenance? Contact our excellent customer service team at 604-700-1751 today to schedule an in-home appointment with one of our expert plumbers. Richmond, BC homeowners have the opportunity to prevent plumbing disasters by thinking ahead!
Inspired by customer satisfaction, we proudly serve the local residents of Richmond and surrounding areas, including Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam.

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