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Surrey BC

Surrey is a city within the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia’s lower mainland. Large in both population and area, its half a million residents represent the second largest city in British Columbia after only Vancouver. It is also the 12th largest city in all of Canada. Surrey is known for its vibrant food and culture scenes, and is only a short commute distance away from downtown Vancouver. Surrey has seen a large amount of growth and transformation over the recent years, with a large increase in residential housing, mostly in the form of high rises.


Quality and professional plumbing and drainage service you can count on. We have plumbers available for emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your plumbing and drainage needs. We are happy to be serving customers from Vancouver to Langley and every city in-between.

Plumbing Services in Surrey

Your house may seem like everything is in good working order on the outside, but did you know that some of the most expensive repairs out there can result from plumbing issues that are lurking underneath the surface? In order to best prevent costly plumbing repairs, you will want to invest in regular maintenance and inspections. Lux Plumbing specializes in these, as well as repairs ranging from poly B piping replacements, water line service repairs, toilet repairs, and more.

Drainage Services in Surrey

In order for your home to avoid disastrous floods, it is essential that you have a quality drainage system that is in good working order. The best way to ensure that your drainage system is working well is long before a hard rainfall. Lux Plumbing can examine your drain tile, and can also help with matters like a clogged drain, foundation drainage, and sewer line installation.

Heating Services in Surrey

Every resident in Canada knows the importance of a properly heated living space. Lux Plumbing has experience working with both boiler heating and furnaces.

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