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Any resident of Canada knows the importance of having a functional heating system. Not only can a malfunctioning heating system or an inadequate heating system affect your quality of life, but in some cases it can actually be illegal (for example, if you’re a landlord you have an obligation in some cases to keep your tenants home at a certain temperature level).

Unfortunately, there are times when our heating systems can malfunction. In these cases, you will need to have access to adequate repair professionals. Lux Plumbing — despite our name — does not only focus just on plumbing. We are also proud to be heating experts, particularly in the realm of furnace installation and boilers.

Heating Services

Furnace Installation

Not only can a service that has not been properly installed result in an uncomfortable and frigid home, but it also can have a negative effect on your energy bills. Lux Plumbing offers expert furnace installation services so you can rest well knowing that your home is being heated to its full capability. We also offer routine furnace maintenance so that you can be sure that you are not only paying fair energy bills. Proper furnace maintenance also translates to an improvement in your air quality.


Boilers are different from furnaces, although the two are often confused for one another. While a furnace is responsible for heating your air and then distributing it throughout your house through ducts, a boiler heats fluid and then distributes it through the pipes. The individual system that you have will depend on the unique architecture of your home (like whether or not you have vent heating or radiator heating). While there are many pros and cons to each, they both have one main thing in common in order to function at their best — a proper installation as well as a regular maintenance schedule.

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