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Drain Tile Repairs & Installation

Although you don't often hear the term drain tile used often, it is in fact incredibly important to the overall functioning of your home. In fact, it is so important that ignoring your drain tile can have disastrous effects on your home that range from flooding to mold issues.

Drain Tile Repairs & Installation

What is a Drain Tile?

Every home that has a foundation also has what is known as drain tile. Drain tile is placed next to your foundation to encourage water to drain away from your foundation, hence its name. In short, drain tile works hard to prevent our homes from flooding. This already makes it clear why we would want to ensure that it is always in fair shape, but let’s dive into this a little bit more.

What are Common Drain Tile Problems?

The most telltale sign that something is wrong with your drain tile is if you are experiencing water leaks or moisture growth in your home. Although these issues do not absolutely point to an issue with your drain tile, it is a distinct enough possibility that it is probably time for a drain tile inspection.

Why are Drain Tile Repairs Important?

One of the main reasons why drain tile issues can catch the average homeowner off guard is because they can seem so small at first. While moisture and mold in your home can be easy to ignore on a small level, all it takes is a blink of the eye for these issues to become persistent and overwhelming.

The only way to ensure that your drain tile is functioning properly is to entrust a professional who can come out to your home and provide the next inspection. And at Lux Plumbing, our experts are well aware of what to look for when determining drain tile damage.

Why Rely on a Professional for Drain Tile Repairs?

Repairing a damaged or underperforming drain tile system can be rather complex and is a job best left to a professional drain tile repair company. Not only do proactive drain tile repairs help ensure that you can enjoy a safe and dry home, they also give you the peace of mind that danger is not lurking underneath your home and its foundation, only to show up unannounced. This is an especially important fact to individuals who live in wet and rainy climates such as Vancouver.

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