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Burnaby BC

Located immediately to the east of Vancouver, what was once a suburban area is now known as a vastly growing city in its own right. In fact, in terms of population Burnaby is the third largest city in British Columbia and it has the amenities and attractions to show for it. This regional growth is expected to continue over the next few years thanks to the expansion of the SkyTrain system. With this population growth comes a large amount of new home constructions. Lux Plumbing is proud to offer Burnaby residents courteous and efficient plumbing, drainage, and heating services. If you are currently experiencing problems with your drainage system or your water heater in Burnaby then our professionals will be happy to take a look. We can also help you with


Quality and professional plumbing and drainage service you can count on. We have plumbers available for emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your plumbing and drainage needs. We are happy to be serving customers from Vancouver to Langley and every city in-between.

Plumbing Services In Burnaby

Proper plumbing is essential to the functioning of your home. However, many of our plumbing issues take place under the service, and may not always be visible to the average eye. This is why it is important that you rely on the skilled professionals who know the actions that must be taken to solve any plumbing issue, including the replacement of poly B piping, water line service repairs, leak investigations, toilet repairs, sink and faucet installation, tankless water heater and hot water tank repairs, and more.

Drainage Services In Burnaby

If your property does not have proper drainage systems in place, it is a recipe for flooding. The professionals at Lux Plumbing can take a look at your drain tile and determine whether or not it is in good working order. We can also help you with pressure jetting, sewer line installation, foundation drainage, clogged drains, water main repair, and more.

Heating Services In Burnaby

A home in Canada cannot go without heat. Lux Plumbing is able to look at your heating systems, whether you rely on a furnace or a boiler.

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