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Sewer Video Inspection

Oftentimes, the most important plumbing problems are caused by issues and broken systems that are not visible to our own eyes. If you are worried that you may be experiencing some plumbing problems then you might want to invest in what is known as a drain tile and sewer inspection.

Sewer Video Inspection

What is a Drain Tile & Sewer Inspection?

The malfunction of your drain tile or sewer system can be catastrophic. In order to avert danger, it is best that you invest in regular drain tile and sewer inspections.

However, not all drain tile and sewer inspections are created equal. Lux Plumbing makes use of modern technology such as CCTV cameras that ensure that you are getting an accurate inspection on your drain tile and sewer systems. A camera is the best way to pinpoint the exact location of a clogged or potential problem. Your professional expert will be able to read the results of the camera in real time and provide a diagnosis for your problems. They will then be able to recommend a course of action based on your unique circumstances.

Why Invest in a Drain Tile & Sewer Inspection?

If you are experiencing problems with your home’s drain tile or sewer, you are going to want to know the exact cause of the problem as soon as possible. Due to technological advances, a dream tile and sewer system is the best way to check for potential problems that could cause you headaches down the line. You are already experiencing symptoms of a drain tile or sewer malfunction, you will want to know the exact nature of this problem as soon as possible so that you can go back to living normally.

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